Saving is Earning

I know you all want to make and earn money. But in between time, while you are waiting for your business to catch fire, you can save money when we purchase things.

A big problem in our society today is that you purchase the things you want and not necessarily the things you need. For example, you need a car ( a Chevy) but, you want a CAR!!! (a BMW). And, a lot of times the BMW wins out. They will both get you to the market. It’s just that the BMW will get you there in style.

But, if you can tolerate driving that Chevy just for a little while and put that difference in the money you would have spent on the BMW in the bank or your business, then down the road you can have that BMW with less high blood pressure and less headaches.

That goes for smaller items too. They add up over time. Shop and compare, especially with the technology we have today. If you are good at bidding at auctions, garage sales, wholesale, discount shopping etc., all that stuff adds up. That way you can save money which is the next best thing to making money until you can afford to be the high roller.

Much Success,

Rodney Jones