My name is Rodney Jones. I’m a 57 year old Babyboomer that has adapted to the technological life of the 21st century. I started in Sales and Marketing 28 years ago. In 1999, I bought my first personal computer and started selling on the internet just as a hobby.

However, during that time when I was playing around with it as a hobby I got down sized and layed off. With bills and a son looking to go to college, I got more serious. I worked 2-3 jobs at the same time plus marketing on the internet. That went on for sometime. I remember how tired I used to feel all the time. One time one of my employers took a picture of me sleeping at my desk with my hands folded and pinned it on the bulletin board. Now, that was embarrassing.

But, in 2007, I saved enough money to incorporate and start my own company to market on the internet. Since then, I’ve been marketing on the internet and helping others do the same.

Because of these experiences, I have learned to start an internet business with the majority of free resources, such as:


Link Sharing

Article Writing

Social Marketing

Viral Marketing

I’m into technology, my offline work involves marketing and selling computers, printers and related software and hardware.

And last and above all not least,  I’m happily married for 33 years.  Now that’s “Old Skool”.

Much Success,

Rodney Jones



RLJ Global Enterprises, LLC